The Micah Project


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The Micah Project is a ten-month discipleship experience that places participants in a community setting while exploring church and urban ministry and growing in leadership development. Participants volunteer in their local NFC or FACE ministry, participate in a house meetings to study core content curriculum on urban issues, meet regularly with the Program Director, and take intentional time to spend with roommates and in the community. Participants are exposed to various avenues of service including hospitality, and taken to various training events including weekend retreats and various workshops and community events. Students live in community together in the Micah Project apartments, and are able to hold a part-time job and/or be a student through the extent of the program.


The purpose of the Micah Project is to help North Fresno Church (NFC) glorify God by introducing people to Jesus Christ, serving people in need, and helping each other follow Him in our daily lives; and also help FACE (Fresno Area Community Enterprises), the non-profit launched by NFC, address the whole needs of families living on the margins primarily in the Robinson Neighborhood.


The mission of the Micah Project is to develop and empower young leaders in the context of biblical community through church and urban ministry. The goal is to see graduates of the Micah Project continue the journey of service, advocacy, and incarnational living for the rest of their lives. They grow in and demonstrate a deep love for Jesus Christ and his church, the broader world as represented in a local neighborhood, and for the poor and disenfranchised.


To achieve its mission, the Micah Project is based on a resident "live-in" component, a local church component, and an urban ministry component. At the center of this three-fold ministry program is Jesus Christ. The goal of the whole program is to draw each intern into a deeper relationship with Christ, and to identify and live out their unique calling in the church and the world.

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Ash Wednesday Service
Wednesday, Feb 26th 6:30 - 8:00 pm

This is a contemplative service designed to guide people into worship and reflection as we head into the season of Lent.

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